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This a delightful statue of the goddess Diana or Aphrodite located in front of D.C. Superior Court - 5th & D St., NW. It's obviously been there much longer than the buildings around it; an extremely faint engraving on the side places the statue at around 1920. The engraving reads:

This monument has been erected by his friends with the sanction of Congress in memory of Joseph James Darlington.


Counselor, Teacher, Lover of Mankind.

The monument was sculpted by Carl Paul Jennewein and completed in 1923.

I call this photo:

"Darlington Memorial"

(Dec 2, 2005) The Darlington Memorial has been removed for new construction at this site (underground parking).

(Feb 8, 2007) The Darlington Memorial (or, Nymph and Faun) has been returned to its original location.


Full screen version

Renovated Darlington Memorial




This is the statue from another perspective.

I call this photo, taken in March 1999:

"Darlington Memorial - 2"

According to "Art Deco" by Alastair Duncan (1988) at 135 - 136 Jennewein was a German who came to the United States in 1907 to study at the Art Students League in New York. In 1916, upon returning to Europe, he was awarded the Prix de Rome - an award that was once given by the Academie des Beaux Arts in France, but that was discontinued after the student riots in 1968. As an interesting side note, during the Washington race riots in the late 60's a Jennewein in Meridian Hill Park was hauled off by looters never to be seen again ...

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