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This is a Roman-era copy (c 100 BC - 100 AD) of a lost Praxiteles of Athens ( c. 360 BC) statue at the Walters Gallery of Art, Baltimore titled "Satyr pouring wine". According to the Walters:

" ... The satyr exemplifies the carefree world of Dionysus, god of wine. The original statue, now lost, was by the celebrated artist Praxiteles. The goat-eared satyr pours from a jug that was held in his upraised right hand into a shallow dish he held below. The sinuous curves and unmuscled adolescent body are hallmarks of Praxiteles' most celebrated works, as are the grace and charm of the subject. ... " Walters Gallery of Art.

I call this photo, taken in April 2018:

"Spring-like Youth"





This is a detail of the Roman sculpture. I call this photo, also taken in April 2018:


Fish -2

Page 141


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