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This is a mica schist relief with the name of Aqrad, son of Thuwayd Muhasni. Timna, 75 BC - 50 AD.

The Smithsonian translates it as:

"Aqrad, son of Thuwayb, he of [the family] Muhasni and of [the clan] Suwayum, has constructed and put the foundation of his workshop Yaris and all it's upper rooms, all together, according to the law of Anbay. At Athar, and by Amm, and by Warafu, and by Dat-Santim, and by Dat - Zahran, and by his lord Shahar Yaghil Yuhargib, king of Qataban."

I call this photo taken in December 2014:

"Qataban Relief."

Qataban Relief


This is a bronze amphora, Timna, 2nd century BC - early 1st century AD.

I call this photo, also taken in December 2014:

"Qataban Amphora."


(January 9, 2015)

"What should we speak of when we are old as you?

When we shall hear the rain and wind beat dark December, how, in this our pinching cave, shall we discourse the freezing hours away?

We have seen nothing; we are beastly, subtle as the fox for prey, like warlike as the wolf for what we eat; our valour is to chase what flies; our cage we make a quire, as doth the prison'd bird, and sing our bondage freely."

-Arviragus from William Shakeaspeare's "Cymbeline" (3.3)

Qatabab Amphora

Page 130


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