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Ancient African glass. These are 18th Dynasty Egyptian glass flasks in the shape of Lotus Columns.

According to the Freer Museum of Art "...Decorated in wave patterns that recall the Nile, small vessels in the form of lotus columns and two-handed jars were fashioned as containers for costly perfumed ointments, scents and cosmetics. Comparing these with fragments excavated from royal glass workshops at Tel-Amarna and Malqata reveals similar vessels were produced during the reigns of pharaohs Amenhotep III (reigned 1392 - 1353 BCE) and Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten (reigned 1353 - 1335 BCE) ..."

Freer Gallery of Art.

I call this photo taken in January 2014:

"Lotus Columns."

Egyptian Glass - Lotus columns


I call this photo, taken at the same place, at the same time:

"Lotus Columns - 2."

Egyptian Glass - Lotus column

Page 124


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First posted: 3/11/2014



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