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This is a Roman copy of a more ancient Greek bronze from Asia Minor. It is a called: "The Dying Gaul" and was found during excavations in Rome in the 17th century.

I call this photo, taken in February 2014 at the National Gallery of Art:

"The Dying Gaul."

Dying Gaul


I call this photo, also taken in February 2014:

"The Dying Gaul - 2."


This statue probably does not depict a Gaul. If it is a copy of a grand Greek original bronze from Asia Minor (Turkey), it is more probably a representation of a scene from the Trojan War.

It's probably a dying Greek. Or Laocoön who died trying to warn the Trojans - hence the horn.

There is also a suggestion of suicide from the placement of the warriors sword.

Dying Gaul - 2

Page 122


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First posted: 2/26/2014



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