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The Potomac. Shot in April 2012.

I call this digital photo:




The Potomac, shot at the same time, and at the same place.

I call this digital photo:

"Potomac - 2."


Who art thou? Asked the guardian of the night

From crystal purity I come was my reply, and great my thirst Persephone

Yet heeding thou decree I take to flight and turn and turn again forever right

I spurn the pallid cypress tree and seek no refreshment at its sylvan spring

But hasten on towards the rustling river of Namozine wherein I drink to sweet satiety

And there, dipping my palms between the knots and loopings of its mazy stream

I see again as in a drowning swimmer's dream all the strange sights I ever saw

And even stranger sights no man has ever seen.

- (May 31, 2012) as heard at the end of the movie "Klimt" (2006) which I just saw. Author and date of the poem not specified.

Potomac - 2

Page 119


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First posted: 5/31/2012



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